Typical automation companies will indicate that "the heavy-lifting has been done", or, "we have created the process automations already".  The fact is, every mortgage organization is different when it comes to how your teams process work today.


True ROI comes from identifying, confirming, and assessing your business process and identifying improvement and optimization opportunities prior to automation to get the true value from solutions powered by robotics and AI.


With 20+ years of experience in process re-engineering, intelligent process automation (IPA), and the technologies that fuel this approach (Robotics, AI, Data Extraction, and Workflow Digitization), we have created a tried and tested approach that transforms  organizational efficiency and increases borrower satisfaction through the roof.

Use Robotics and AI to automate any manual and repetitive task throughout the mortgage loan process.

Lateetud’s solutions provide efficiency in Originations, Servicing Operations, Loss Mitigation, and Default Operations.

infographic-origination-servicing (3)
The combination of technologies like: Intelligent Data Extraction, Robotic Automation, and Digital Workflow, provide lightweight and non-invasive solutions to relieve mortgage organizations from manual, repetitve, and siloed data work to process increasing loan volumes seamlessly.

Coming from a process first approach, since every organization is different, we will support your company to deploy its own efficient intelligent processes in a few weeks:



Flip the switch, look at them go.