Digital Transformation in Banking using RPA and AI

About this webinar

Pre-origination or initial underwriting to qualify loans is a very time consuming and laborious process. Many a times banks depend on external parties like FinTechs to do this for them or they have to deploy manual labor to find qualified leads. 

Lateetud has created an on-demand solution powered by RPA and artificial intelligence to automate many of the processes related to credit check, KYC/AML, financial spreading, validations and closing.  This webinar will provide details on this solution that can reduce up to 50% of underwriting effort. 

1. Introduction Lateetud - 5 min
2. Blue Prism Intro - 10 min
3. RPA In Banking  - 10 min
  1. What are the business imperatives for a bank
  2. What performance levers do banks have
  3. How Lateetud can help banks
  4. RPA+ AI in banking
4. Pre-origination Automation - 10 min
  1. 100% as-a-service
  2. Cloud or on-premise
  3. Reduce up to 50% of manual effort in origination
  4. Go-live in 2 weeks
5. Q+A - 10 min
Access NOW Digital Transformation in Banking using RPA and AI 

Access ON-DEMAND Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for Pre-origination and Underwriting Transformation