Lateetud has created an on-demand solution powered by RPA and artificial intelligence to automate many of the processes related to credit check, KYC/AML, financial spreading, validations and closing.

Pre-origination or initial underwriting to qualify loans is a very time consuming and laborious process. Many a times banks depend on external parties like FinTechs to do this for them or they have to deploy manual labor to find qualified leads. This webinar will provide details on this solution that can reduce up to 50% of underwriting effort. 

1. Introduction Lateetud - 5 min
2. Blue Prism Intro - 10 min
3. RPA In Banking  - 10 min
  1. What are the business imperatives for a bank
  2. What performance levers do banks have
  3. How Lateetud can help banks
  4. RPA+ AI in banking
4. Pre-origination Automation - 10 min
  1. 100% as-a-service
  2. Cloud or on-premise
  3. Reduce up to 50% of manual effort in origination
  4. Go-live in 2 weeks
5. Q+A - 10 min

Access NOW On-Demand Digital Transformation in Banking using RPA and AI


pawan pic-1
Pawan Jadhav
CEO - Lateetud Inc.
Pawan brings 20+ years of leadership, customer focus, and experience working with fortune 500 companies in the United States. Pawan's passion is process excellence, business process re-engineering, and end-to-end automation. For Pawan, Lateetud is the culmination of this experience and his dedication to working with customers to create software.
Jon Walden
Chief Technology Officer - Blue Prism
Jon is a diverse technologist with 25+ years of experience who thrives on solving the most challenging and complex problems faced by enterprises. As Blue Prism’s Chief Technology Officer for the Americas, he focuses on expanding the capabilities of RPA and digital transformation. His specialties include RPA, Business Intelligence, Programming, & Project Management.