CARES ACT Mortgage Forbearance: Automation fast forward

About this webinar

With over 4.14M loans in active forbearance representing 7.8% of all active mortgages and over $900B in unpaid capital, mortgage servicers are shifting from pipeline of new forbearance requests to managing a new wave of forbearance extensions and post-forbearance workouts. Millions of customer touch points will be required to support the modifications and decisions that are to follow in the next 12 months.

Is your organization fully prepared with Intelligent Automation capabilities to help end-clients navigate repayment plans, deferrals, or loan modifications automatically?

Blue Prism, in partnership with Lateetud helps banks and lenders quickly assist customers experiencing financial hardship and in need of mortgage forbearance. Together, we automate the entire end-to-end process, from receiving a request and confirming qualification to executing forbearance and engaging the customer in post forbearance activity—all while adhering to bank policies and federal guidelines.
1. Process in minutes, not hours. Reduce service costs, eliminate strain on resources
2. Better serve customers with an intuitive, seamless experience through web portal, chatbot or call center IVR
3. Build & deploy quickly and easily, improving outcomes and quality of service
4. Maintain strict compliance with federal guidelines and bank policies

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Lateetud has introduced the pandemic proof Digital Operating Model, envisioned to tackle the following points:

  • Getting ready for a Virtual Everything workplace by implementing an Intelligent Automation Framework
  • Movement to Self-Service capabilities for your customers, employees, and partners
  • Creating employee Efficiency
  • Increasing Capacity and Agility almost overnight; and
  • How to establish complete end-to-end Visibility across your operations in a remote working world
Lateetud Intelligent Process Automation Success
Citizen's Bank, Accident Fund and CarMax share their successes through partnership with Lateetud:


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