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The Unexpected Experiment:

Redefining Your Business Environment in a Post-Pandemic Everything as a Service World

Join Lateetud & Blue Prism in a panel discussion highlighting areas that business leaders must consider not only in our current post-pandemic environment, but for an inevitable future.

Perhaps you’ve seen a widely circulated meme recently, which asks a simple question, “Who is driving your digital transformation?” Is it your: CEO, CDO, CIO, or “COVID-19?” You get the point.

We are living in strange, yet interesting times. COVID-19 has changed some things and challenged the rest. In conversation with our customers in financial services, insurance, and healthcare sectors, they have all revealed similar sentiments, concerns and predictions. It seems inevitable that we will exist in an entirely different world post-COVID.


Lateetud has introduced the pandemic proof Digital Operating Model, envisioned to tackle the following points:

  • Getting ready for a Virtual Everything workplace by implementing an Intelligent Automation Framework
  • Movement to Self-Service capabilities for your customers, employees, and partners
  • Creating employee Efficiency via AI-driven Digital Transformation
  • Increasing Capacity and Agility almost overnight; and
  • How to establish complete end-to-end Visibility across your operations in a remote working world

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Inspired? Let's chat about Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Pandemic-proof Digital Operating Models


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