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Session 1: July 15th, 2020 11am - 12pm EST


The Lateetud and Blue Prism Intelligent Automation (IA) Crash Course is a virtual, can't-miss event that will walk you through the key steps and success criteria on how to create a successful IA program.  The Course is comprised of two (2) sessions, please register for session 1 below:


Session 1: July 15th, 2020 - 11:00am - 12:00pm EST


Track: Intelligent Automation Unleashed

Step 1: What is Intelligent Automation (IA)?
Why and how to use IA to reduce cost, increase revenue, reduce risk and manage compliance. The Digital Operating Model and Intelligent Automation.

Step 2: Identify the Right Process Candidates for IA
How to identify, assess, rank and prioritize processes for automation. This session will also touch upon ROI identfication and business case modeling for budgeting purposes.

Step 3: Identify the Right Technologies for IA
How to choose the right IA technology for accomplishing your automation goals. How to phase the technologies and what are the best practices.


Session 2 of the IA Crash Course will focus on "Creation of the Intelligent Automation (IA) Roadmap".  It will provide insights on how to craft the journey and establish the scaling mechanisms for a successful IA program; please register below for the second part of this course:

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Did you see the meme, "Who is driving your digital transformation? Is it your: CEO, CDO, CIO, or "COVID-19?"
As a courtesy access, please Join Lateetud & Blue Prism for a 60-minute webinar and panel discussion where we will highlight areas that COO and CIO leaders must consider not only in our current business climate post-COVID19, but for an inevitable future. We will address:
  • Preparing for a Virtual Everything workplace by implementing an Intelligent Automation framework
  • Movement to self-service capabilities for your customers, employees, and partners
  • Creating employee efficiency
    Increasing capacity and agility almost overnight; and
  • How to establish complete end-to-end visibility across your operations in a remote networking world
The Unexpected Experiment_ Redefining Your Business Environment in a Post-Pandemic Everything as a Service World