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Session 1:

Intelligent Automation Unleashed

Session 2:

Create the Intelligent Automation Roadmap



The Lateetud and Blue Prism Intelligent Automation (IA) Crash Course is a virtual, can't-miss event that will walk you through the key steps and success criteria on how to create a successful IA program. 

The Course is comprised of two (2) sessions that guide organizations by providing strategic and successful concepts and methodologies to identify the right opportunities for Intelligent Automation and the technology roadmap that acts as the foundation to making IA solutions and applications tangible, thus virtually transforming any business process to an intelligent automated state.

Let's dive into the limitless world of the Digital Operating Models that ignite Hyperautomation within organizations.


Bonus Content - Citizen's Bank IA Success:

Hear from a top executive on how this Fortune US Bank leveraged Digital Workers with Intelligent Automation skills during the 2020 pandemic times to accomplish:

- 180+ FTEs worth of operational savings

- 400%+ Productivity boost

- And more...


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Session 1: Intelligent Automation Unleashed

Step 1: What is Intelligent Automation (IA)?
Why and how to use IA to reduce cost, increase revenue, reduce risk and manage compliance. The Digital Operating Model and Intelligent Automation.

Step 2: Identify the Right Process Candidates for IA
How to identify, assess, rank and prioritize processes for automation. This session will also touch upon ROI identfication and business case modeling for budgeting purposes.

Step 3: Identify the Right Technologies for IA
How to choose the right IA technology for accomplishing your automation goals. How to phase the technologies and what are the best practices.


Session 2: Create the IA Roadmap

Track: Create the IA Roadmap

Step 1: Best practices to understand and extract structured and unstructured data using OCR, NLP, AI/ML.

Step 2: Act on the data using Digital Workers (RPA) for true Robotic Automation.

Step 3: Orchestrate Digital Workers (Robots) and Humans through Digital Process Automation (DPA).

Step 4: Setup Center of Excellence (COE), Operating Models and Service Assurance for ongoing governance and management of your Intelligent Automation program.

Step 5: Demonstration of IA Technologies and Solutions.

Bonus Content: Citizen's Bank Success Story

Matthew Lavoie (VP RPA and IBPMS Head) at Citizen's Bank and Pawan Jadhav (CEO) at  Lateetud discuss Citizen's Bank successes in transforming operations via skilled Digital Workers during these pandemid times.


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