Let's Reimage Automation for Healthcare Payers

From member services to claims processing and even audit and compliance, we help payers like you, deliver efficient and affordable insurance services to subscribers and providers. We’re also changing the way in which healthcare payers are addressing the narrative as we are moving into the post-pandemic era. Together, Lateetud and Blue Prism offer thoughtful solutions that are keeping your customers’ experience and your needs at the forefront for today and tomorrow.

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COVID-19 and beyond - How to navigate the impact?

Group 7

Intelligent Automation Potential in Healthcare Payers Organizations

Lateetud expertly automates top payer processes in Claims, Membership Management, Member Services, Provider Management, Audit, Finance, and more.

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Group 9

Automation Potential in Claims Processing

Claims processing occupies the most mindshare for payers. Lateetud outlines the areas that are most ripe for au­tomation using AI, RPA, BPM and Data Extraction - the key ingredients for Intelligent Automation.

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Group 8

8 Challenges Faced by Healthcare Payers in the Pandemic Era

Lateetud presents the top 8 challenges that healthcare payers are facing in the COVID-19 pandemic era and beyond. 



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